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The Greatest Things… | Austin Photographer

The greatest things come from creativity. 

Look what my baby girl made me at pre-school…




This will “officially” be my third mother’s day, but it’s the first time I’ve received a home made gift. And because it’s from my baby girl, it’s so special to me. Even the bag is perfect in every way! 

And speaking of creativity, I am so proud and honored to have been asked to photograph the cover of the very first issue of Austin Pregnancy Magazine. It launched today in honor of Mother’s Day. I am so delighted with how it came out. And it also features the story of Kai’s natural birth in the water. If you haven’t picked up a copy, shoot me an email and I’ll send you one. It is packed with excellent information for mommies to be in Austin. 


What a fabulous weekend this is!

Happy Mamas Day to all you beautiful mommies I have had the pleasure of knowing.

  1. Carmen Compean says:

    Congratulations Mariah!!! This is the icing on the cake to make it an even more exciting Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless You!!!!

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