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watching his imagination | Austin Kids Photographer

Three can be a challenging age to photograph sometimes (believe me, Ryenne my three year old does NOT want to see mommy’s camera anymore). I like to sit back and watch what these little ones do when they don’t want to be photographed. And in Markus’ case, I got a glimpse into the imagination of a beautiful boy who loves to chase butterflies, climb mountains, play swords with his stick, and although he loves to do little boy things,  he loves to pick flowers for his mama the very best.

What a wonderful little boy Markus is! By the end of the session, we were holding hands and jumping through “hot lava” on our walk back to the car. Thank you, Markus for a beautiful afternoon!

  1. Beautiful Mariah! I love wildflowers~the colors are amazing!

  2. Great lighting and colors what a precious little boy!

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