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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Your Photoshop Secret | Photoshop Editing Service

As a professional photographer I get many emails from clients saying that they’ve purchased a professional grade SLR digital camera and “Why don’t my pictures look like yours?”. While it’s true that a professional camera will yield higher end results than a point and shoot, there’s so much more that goes into an image. As a professional, my goal is to get an image as perfect as possible inside the camera to make my editing easier afterward. I use two programs – Lightroom (to edit and process my RAW files), and Photoshop (to give artistic flair). These programs can be overwhelming to learn – they are quite involved.

I am starting a new service for everyone – professionals and amateurs – to make your images spectacular. I’ll be your little Photoshop secret! Send me your high resolution RAW or Jpeg files and I’ll send you back a fully edited file that reaches the images potential. This is especially wonderful if you are wanting to display an image in your home or give an image as a gift. Aside from overall color balance, saturation, contrast, and exposure  adjustments, you’ll find that I take the extra steps to make the images really special. I can clean up complexions, whiten a smile, and make eyes sparkle. Below are a couple examples of work I’ve done (these are not my photography).

Ready to find out more? Ready for me to start your project? Click HERE. I look forward to seeing what I can create for you!

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