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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Don’t Say Cheese! Austin Preschool Photographer

A couple of weeks ago (gosh was it that long ago already?) I photographed the children at Circle C Child Development Center in South Austin. This was by far the largest preschool I have photographed. I think I photographed nearly 300 preschoolers over a four day period.

The days photographing these children was amazing. So many of them were so excited to do pictures. When I met them I’d say, “Don’t say cheese!” and they’d give me their own personal looks – whether that was serious, smiling, laughing, or even showing off their muscles or favorite superhero stance. Part of what I love about photographing these ages is that children are eager to showcase their personalities. They have such amazing eyes – and when you ask them what they like, they open up. Each child got my attention 100% for their mini session. Many of them had me laughing and playing. Of course, with that many children I was exhausted by the end of the day – but I went to sleep each night with giant smiles. Almost every child gave me high-fives and were so excited for their parents to see the images.

Of special note, for the parents, is that I found this school to be exceptional in every way. Every teacher’s interaction with the children was  sweet, loving, and showed how much they love being teachers. Some kids were afraid of the lights, or the backdrop, or just having a new stranger around, and these teachers really cared for each child. Bravo to this preschool for having it so together – I just wanted all the parents to know what a wonderful school this is.

This is just a little taste of the many beautiful faces I photographed. I enjoyed photographing every single child.

Parents, passwords to galleries have been emailed out. If you didn’t receive your email/password, please drop me a note!

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  1. Susan says:

    amazing as always…i wish my boys’ preschools would have hired someone like YOU to take the pictures. You have a way of capturing personalities…I love these. They do make me tired though, just looking at ALL of those really little ones.