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Maui Photographer – Showing off at One’Uli Beach

Seriously…. Maui has been showing off big time lately! We had planned this session for Big Beach, however, being that it was Easter Sunday and the date was 4/20 (if you know what I mean…) Big Beach was a little ‘ahem’ crazy so we headed next door to One’Uli Beach which was a bit quieter and so gorgeous.

Minh and Andrew are recently engaged (finally) and flew to Maui from Australia. They have totally adorable Aussie accents and are so sweet together. The afternoon was gorgeous with really fantastic light and then we got a little bit of a sunset… and then it just deepened into one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve seen in quite some time. The sunset images are barely edited – that purple and pink is straight out of the camera. I’m so glad we stuck around for that amazing finale!

Congratulations on your engagement Minh and Andrew! You two are perfect together. Thank you so much for a great afternoon at the beach!


Maui Photography Location: One’Uli Beach/Naupaka Beach
Time of Day: Sunset
Editing Style: Combination Film Inspired and Natural Maui Colors
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  1. The evolution of a gorgeous sunset painted special for Minh and Andrew by Maui! 🙂

  2. Mariah Milan Dagupion says:

    The evolution of a gorgeous sunset painted special for Minh and Andrew by Maui! 🙂

  3. Terry Lozen says:

    Such a beautiful sunset!

  4. Terry Lozen says:

    Such a beautiful sunset!

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